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Through your faithful support, BTG has been able to provide numerous houses to homeless families throughout Zambia.  Many of these families consists of former orphans and vulnerable children.

A house such as the one displayed, can be built for approximately $2,000 US dollars.  If you would like to contribute towards a home for an at risk family, please contact us for more information. 

**Note**  There is a diligent vetting process in place for families who are considered within this program.

Taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond our city's gates into the nations of the world.

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Church Construction - Mabumbu Village
We are in the process of constructing another church building in Zambia.  Led by Pastor Walubita Siseho, the congregation has made over 13,000 bricks by hand in preparation for our partnership.  We have provided the necessary funds for the first phase which is pouring the concrete slab.  Once complete, we will start building the walls.  We will provide pictures to our partners as we make progress.  If you would like to contribute,  please click on the donate tab and enter a note of designation for Church construction

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Faith Tabernacle Pentecost  Church

‚ÄčThis once small congregation of approximately 50 people, led by Pastor Christopher Akakanda, dug their own footings and made over 15,000 bricks by hand before we got involved.  After seeing their demonstration of faith, BTG and our partners financed the remaining construction of their church building. It is now a thriving congregation with over 500 members.